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Ada Bojana — Ivana Kekic


Medium: Photography

Instagram: @keeeeeeks

This series was created on a holiday trip with my close friends. The trip was quite emotional — I reunited with my childhood friends, and went to the place where we used to go on summer holidays as teenagers. At first, it almost seemed as if nothing had changed. Then we started talking, opening up, processing. It was a confessional week. We talked about the state of the world, our relationships, us being reunited in this magical space so many years after the pandemic.

It' s on the border between Montenegro and Albania. Its coast, woods, nature and all of its glory is sadly disappearing, due to human neglect and global warming. Reflecting on the site's specific changes made us reflect on our own lives and the time that had passed by. We became closer and an urge to preserve the land and sea was rising within all of us. I believe it could be the only possible way to save our planet and ourselves along with it.



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