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FERTILITY Commissions and Prompts!

This term's theme of The Cambridge Cult is FERTILITY, very appropriate for our new venture into the fertile ground that is the internet. Alongside our weekly visual prompts on The Cult Creatives, we've also got some commissions and prompts, focusing on thinking about Fertility beyond menstruation and reproduction, and into creativity, productivity and future fertilities. As always, queries and pitches can be directed to cambridgecult@outlook.com - we can't wait to hear/see/experience whatever you create!

Our fertile thoughts for FERTILITY:

  • The impact of technology on relationships with our bodies and our environment // Biotech and biohacking // Transhumanism and cyborgs

  • The dangers of productivity culture (is productivity a capitalist conspiracy to keep us working? why do I spend all my time learning how to bullet journal?)

  • Fiction! During these strange times, we’re especially interested in utopias, dystopias and soft apocalypses (brownie points for Yokohama Kaidashi Kiko references!)

  • Lost youth: with so much time to mull over our lives, we’re thinking about our childhoods, our bourgeoning identities, and how growth doesn’t happen exponentially.

  • David Attenborough is a national treasure, but what’s up with our voracious consumption of nature voyeurism, especially during a climate crisis?

  • Decolonising sexuality, the environment, fertility… (the list goes on). We’re particular fans of Decolonising Contraception.

  • We’re also VERY keen on some visual imagery this term, especially work which challenges preconceptions about FERTILITY and tackles the current strangeness of our times (see our inspo collages below!)

We are currently accepting submissions on a rolling basis for the website, and submissions until 22 May for our physical zine! Please check out our submission guidelines (under the 'submit' tab) for more info!


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