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when it gets dark we go home — Niamh McBratney

I love photography for its appearance of truth combined with its potential for illusion and distortion. Through a collaborative process with my subject, I have found that making photographs together is a confessional one, where in order to create images that I really like, I must confess the themes and ideas I am drawn to, even if they are taboo, such as themes of sexuality, sexual expression, nudity and the body.

In wanting to explore nude photography, and the theme of sexuality, I have found myself feeling fearful about revealing these interests. Even proposing the idea of a nude photoshoot still makes me nervous and hesitant, I am confessing my interests that may be seen as strange. Further, the resulting images form a confession in themselves, of my thoughts, revealed to the outside world when they are shared.

This lack of comfort is inevitable when trying to create art that truly resonates, because exposing your true self is vulnerable. Confessional art’s vulnerability brings with it power, as people recognise themselves in the work, and feel less alone, and are thus empowered to reveal these sides of themselves to, and connect with, other humans. And I believe human connection to be at the heart of my mission in life, and thus at the centre of my work.

Instagram: @niamhmcbratney



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