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Witchcraft — Eerie Glue: Music Video Premiere

Eerie Glue is Bünyamin Eroğlu’s brainchild, a one-man project emerging from Denmark.

The new single Witchcraft lures us inside the walls of an anxious mind. It was written, recorded and produced in Berlin in the winter of 2021, during a pandemic lockdown, by Bünyamin alone.

"Anxiety," Lola Thuy (cinematographer and producer of the video) writes, "[is] a feeling that it is hard to find any escape from until it is your constant invisible companion, sitting on your shoulder, silently whispering in your ear until you cannot run away from the words you hear.

To mirror the effect of this feeling, I wanted to give the audience no escape from our dancers, who come in and out of frame in all sorts of colours and forms, both expected or unexpected. There is no beginning, there is no end. Everything just becomes more and more. The video takes place in a white room, representative of our subconscious. Our subconscious can be our best friend and greatest enemy at the same time, and it can take years until some are able to crack its code.

We agreed to have dancers as part of this project because we wanted to show their way of relating to the feeling of anxiety and the way it speaks through their bodies. We were grateful to find talented woman who just improvised their movement and did a wonderful job with it.

We also want to make you aware of the fact that if you are dealing with anxiety — you are not alone. Don’t be too shy to reach out for help, be it professional or just talking to a friend."

Bünyamin adds: “also I have anxiety about releasing this music, i hate the song but the video is cool. im gonna quit music. <3”

Stream Witchcraft on Spotify today!


Eerie Glue @eerieglue

Bünyamin Eroglu @bunnis_death


Olivia D @oliviad__ Lea Krystofiak @lealitadolcevita Azul Sottile @az_u_l Eva Ariane @eva.ariane

Producer: Lola Thuy @lolain.b Director: Annabella Bowen

DoP: Lola Thuy @lolain.b 1st AC: Jan Weber @janweberrr

Set Runners:

Vanessa A @vnsa_avdylaj Manuel Lowien @manuellowien



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