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(an Ode to) Red — Tuuli Turunen

Series of 11 analogue photographs.

Published in ISSUE X: CYCLES.

Mo, London 2022

Tuuli Turunen graduated from BA Documentary Photography at UAL in 2022. Her photography concentrates on the people and spaces around her, aiming to capture the performance of the everyday, to construct the drama of life through moments and details. Reality as it is through glimpses.

Tuuli writes: "My interest in documentary storytelling lies in how capturing time in fractioned images enables one to reconstruct, hide and skew the narratives endlessly. One becomes almost like a director of the mundane. When the complexity of life is forced into a single frame, the events depicted become seemingly more important and staged."

Souvenirs, London 2021

(an Ode to) Red features:

Embrace (girls), London 2023

Let Love In, Helsinki 2022

Souvenirs, London 2021

Johannes and Rasmus, Helsinki 2021

Mo, London 2022

Abigail and Abra, Helsinki 2023

Rose, Paris 2021

Red, London 2020

Grandfather, Kirkkonummi 2023

Crosses (Mo), Sifnos 2023

Through Other People’s Windows, London 2021

Embrace (girls), London 2023 is the cover image for this post, while Through Other People’s Windows, London 2021 is the cover of ISSUE X: CYCLES.



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